I was wrong

Oh, when I was young
I was so full of fear
I hid behind anger, held back the tears
It was me against the world
I was sure that I'd win
But the world fought back, punished me for my sins
I felt so alone
So insecure
And they tried to warn me
Of my evil ways
But I wouldn't hear what they had to say
I was wrong
Self destruction's got me again
I realize now that I was wrong

Did I hurt you too?
But how can you love me when you don't love yourself?

I grew up fast
And I grew up hard
Something was wrong from the very start
I was fighting everything
But the only one that I hurt was me
I got society's blood running down my face
I was wrong

When pressures up and the stress is high
And I wanna bid this world good bye
I’m gonna bury my frustrations
Grab some of life’s satisfactions
I’m gonna live before I die

I try to find some peace of mind
When my life’s treating me unkind
Pain will be my motivation
I’m gonna use my imagination

So close your eyes and embrace your memories, your memories
Leave your troubles and your worries far behind, so far behind
Stop contemplating and start celebrating
you gotta live before you die

I think of chances I didn’t take
I try to learn from my mistakes,
I’m tired of being pushed around now
Life ain’t gonna drag me down now
I’m gonna live before die 

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